Bespoke software development

Tailor-made solutions for your business

We provide a comprehensive range of services in custom software development, covering web, mobile, cloud and desktop.

Your business is unique, so we take the time to understand your needs. We can integrate with existing systems or databases and automate processes to streamline or help grow your business by taking it digital.

Attention is on details throughout: from what you need, how you work, to planning, design and implementation. We focus on many aspects from security to performance to provide robust and usable solutions.

If you have questions about what we do, or how we may assist you, we would like to hear from you.

Services we provide

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Websites & web apps

Professionally built websites, from simple sites to functionality-rich apps, that work across platforms from phones, tablets and desktop.

Speed is a particular focus from the start of design as it is costly to fix later. Slow sites cause users to give up, losing you business.

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Mobile apps

Intuitive apps for tablets and phones. We support Apple's iOS and Google's Android which is used by most other brands including Samsung.

While usability is important, we also ensure your app is well engineered for robustness, speed and security. We can build stand-alone apps or integrate with other services.

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Desktop apps

While web, cloud and mobile are often the preferred choice, there is still a need for the ease of use of a full-featured, fast desktop application.

We build applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux, which can integrate with other apps and cloud services.

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Sometimes choosing between web, mobile or desktop is a trade-off that does not meet all your needs.

We can create multi-platform solutions that work seemlessly together, and can be tailored to the needs of different users or your clients.

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Cloud solutions

We work with leading cloud providers to provide scalable, secure and reliable services.

Migrating old desktop or server systems to new cloud based solutions can reduce costs and enable cross platform integration across web, mobile and desktop.

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System integration

Whether you need desktop, mobile or web solutions, we can integrate with your other apps, systems and databases to leverage your investments and avoid duplication.

We can assess your existing apps and systems to determine your opportunities and options.

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Process automation

From automation of existing workflows and processes to digital business transformation, you could increase productivity, reduce errors and improve the experience for you and your clients.

Collaborating with you, we can analyse opportinuties for automation and options for you to decide how to progress.

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Planning and delivery

We aim to minimise the risk in your delivery through meticulous planning, design and testing. Where appropriate, we can plan to deliver in incremental stages so you can get real-world feedback and benefit.

For larger or more complex change, we can carry out a roadmap planning process.

Got a challenge?

We enjoy solving difficult problems!

You may need some advice or consultancy, have a project that needs rescuing, or something others refuse to look at. Or interfacing with custom electronics or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Whatever it is, there's nothing to lose. You can have a free no-obligation consultation to see if we can assist.